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Welcome to my voice studio! My name is Ashley Daneman and I’m a professional singer and voice teacher based in Kalamazoo, MI with a Masters degree from Manhattan School of Music (in Jazz Vocal Performance). I’ve been performing professionally for over 15 years in a variety of settings throughout many places in the U.S. – public concerts, studio recordings, church musician, ensemble section leading, and more. I’ve been teaching for 10 years in my private studio, for middle school choirs, high school adjudicator, group lessons, as a guest lecturer, and now as Adjunct Jazz Vocal Instructor at Hillsdale College this fall.

I come from a background in classical music and musical theater, but grew up to want to sing jazz and popular music. I studied with a master teacher, Jeanie Lovetri, in NYC and learned her method to sing all kinds of contemporary, commercial music. In 2013 I became certified as a Level II Somatic Voicework ™ – The LoVetri Method voice teacher. This is a powerful method for training the voice and gives a singer lots of options for their future musical pursuits whether that’s auditioning for a conservatory program, planning a performance career on your own, or just singing as a beloved hobby.

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I teach beginning students through advanced. Everyone needs a voice teacher – even me! It’s how we stay in excellent, healthy shape and continue to evolve and expand our skills. My voice lessons are completely customized for each person’s vocal instrument, for where they are in their development, and for their vocal goals both now and in the future. Part of this may include songwriting coaching, arranging help, audition preparation, or planning a recording session.

I specifically take students who want to work on musical theater, jazz, pop/contemporary, church, and/or singer-songwriter music. If you want to study Opera/classical singing, I recommend finding a teacher who specializes in that and I may be able to help recommend someone. I offer well-rounded vocal preparation that emphasizes a variety of contemporary music styles and that also can address any problem issues. I do take some students on who are younger than middle school as long as that child seems ready.

My students perform professionally in music clubs, bars, and other venues. Some of them write and have recorded their own music, or play guitar/piano to accompany themselves. Others have received scholarships from arts councils and performing arts organizations, are auditioning for national competitions, singing in pageants, pursuing an acting career in movies/commercials, or attending summer music camps and other musical opportunities.

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