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Vocal Lessons

I offer private voice lessons in 45-min and 60-min sessions. A typical lesson begins with stretching/alignment and vocal warmups followed by vocal exercises selected specifically to train and balance your voice. We will generally apply the technique training portion to repertoire which is selected together. Aspects of theory and musicianship are covered throughout. Beginners should take a 45-min lesson and professional singers should opt for the 60-min lesson. Lessons may be done weekly, bi-weekly, or intermittently.


Vocal Coaching

I offer 60-min vocal coaching sessions to help singers prepare for upcoming auditions or recording sessions in a short time frame. This is different from a private lesson because the focus is more heavily on repertoire and less on long-term technique development. I’ll help you choose songs and keys that are right for your age, voice, technical abilities and audition type. We will find strategies for any challenging song parts and make individualized arrangements to showcase your strengths. Coachings may be done once or in several sessions.



I offer 60-min songwriting/arranging sessions to songwriters who need to learn basic composition and/or who want to flesh out their ideas. Sessions may be done once or several times, either sequentially or on an as-needed basis. Want to hear my original music? Check out my album, “Beauty Indestructible.”