Local Singing Opportunities

We live in a wonderful community with lots of opportunities to sing. Here are a few below, and as my student, you'll always have the monthly "performance practice" as an additional option.

If you are a student in school, join your school choir and/or participate in the school musical. For kids who are in home school, there are vocal opportunities with The West Michigan Homeschool Fine Arts organization.

Youth Opportunities:

Kalamazoo Children's Choir

Adult Opportunities: 

Early Music Michigan (vocal ensemble)

Opportunities for both:

The Kalamazoo Civic Theater (musical theater)

College & Conservatory Programs

Many of my students are young people who are passionate about a singing career. For many of us, this involves an undergraduate education and possibly a masters degree as well. However, if you want to sing professionally in a contemporary music genre, it will serve you better to attend a program that focuses on pop music or jazz, instead of classical. There are three types of programs to consider: jazz, vocal artist development, and songwriting. My colleague has made a wonderful list here to begin your search for the two latter. If you're interested in jazz, I recommend checking out the Downbeat "Where to study jazz" publication to help you start looking.

Summer Programs

Vocal Health

Many times I have students who have been self-taught for a long time and who might have some problems going on in their throat. I am happy to help direct you in the way back to vocal health - either by retraining your voice, or by sending you to a Speech Language Pathologist who can verify what type of vocal pathology/problem you have, or a combination of these two approaches. Your throat should never squeeze, tighten, feel tired or choked up when you sing, no matter what you're singing!